“ReThink” Conference Sessions in July-August 2017

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“ReThink” Conference Sessions in July-August 2017
In 2017, the ReThink team members will organize multidisciplinary panel sessions and symposia in conferences on history education, history, and educational sciences.

Below is a list of ReThink sessions in July-August 2017.

“Meaning, Thinking and Learning History”, June 7-8, Jyväskylä, Finland

  • Arja and Marjaana organized a panel session titled “Methodologies for investigating the construction of historical interpretations”, with Arja, Mikko, Marjaana and Ilkka presenting. Please see our abstracts.


The Nordic Congress of Historians, August 15-18, Aalborg, Denmark

  • Kalle and Marjaana organized a panel session titled “Historians on historians”, with Mikko, Marjaana & Clark Chinn among the contributors. Please see our abstracts.
  • In addition, Arja presents in a panel session titled “Att undervisa disparata berättelser: pedagogiska svar på konflikter om historia” and Marjaana, Mikko and Arja contribute to the session “History Learning and Teaching in Higher Education”. For these abstracts, please see the conference programme.

The Biennial Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), August 29 – September 2, Tampere, Finland

  • Marjaana and Clark Chinn organized a symposium titled “Diverse methodologies for investigating and supporting historical reasoning”, with Mikko, Marjaana and Clark among the contributors, and Jouni-Matti as the discussant. Please see our abstracts.

About the picture: Most of the ReThink team members met in April 2017 for a spring-time get-together at one member’s summer house by the seaside.